Teens and Adolescents

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

– E. E. Cummings

DOES MY TEEN OR ADOLESCENT NEED THERAPY?  Whether your teen or adolescent seems moodier than usual, or is having in trouble in school or run-ins with law enforcement,  it may be hard to recognize if your teen could benefit from professional help. Therapy certainly doesn’t need to be reserved for life altering events or major concerns. Meeting with a therapist can prevent minor issues from turning into major problems.

While there are many signs that therapy may be appropriate, these are some common reasons teens and adolescents may need professional therapy:

Behavior Problems  Suspensions from school, curfew violations, frequent fights with siblings or parents, and aggressive behavior may be symptoms of more serious problems.  If not addressed early and effectively, these problems may worsen and lead to more problems later in life.

Trauma  See our page on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Low Self-Esteem  While almost all teens struggle with self-confidence issues at one time or another, some experience serious self-esteem issues. When those issues are left unaddressed, teens are at a higher risk of problems such as substance abuse, depression, and academic failure.

Anxiety or Depression  See our page on Anxiety and Depression.  

Stress  Teenagers today deal with more stress than ever before.  Whether it’s the pressure to perform well on an exam, concerns over what to do after high school, or the pressures to fit in with peers, stress can take a serious toll.

School-Related Issues  Bullies, failing grades, cliques, and excessive peer pressure are just a few of the school-related problems many teens experience. Teens often aren’t sure where to turn for help.

Legal Problems  Stealing, underage drinking, drug use or fighting are just a few of the reasons teens get into trouble with the law. Sometimes, they’re mandated by probation–or their parents–to receive counseling.

Grief  See our page on Grief and Loss.

DOES THERAPY WORK?  Teens and adolescents experience and deal with emotional and social issues differently than adults and children.  With a therapist experienced and specially trained in dealing with teens and adolescents, therapy can go a long way to: ease your teen’s fears and anxiety; uncover potential mental health issues, skill deficits, or social problems that may be driving your teen’s behavior; help your teen learn skills to manage stress successfully; provide your teen with support and give them skills that will help them navigate high school successfully; help your teen learn how to make healthier choices; help boost a teen’s self-esteem; increase resilience and reduce the impact of trauma on a teen’s life; and help teens sort out their feelings and make sense of difficult events.

WHY SHOREPOINTE?  At Shorepointe Counseling, we have nearly 40 years of combined experience in the mental health and social work professions working with families, teens and adolescents on issues ranging from common emotional and family problems to significant life crises.  In addition to first class responsiveness and flexible hours to accommodate the most demanding of clients, our direct but warm and assuring approach provides clients with all of the tools necessary to improve themselves and their relationships.


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