Natalie Thompson, LMSW


Natalie is a licensed clinical therapist who specializes in couples and family therapy. She graduated from Rochester University in 2004 with a Bachelors degree in Counseling Psychology. She then went on to complete her Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work at Wayne State University.  She finished in 2009 adding a graduate certificate in couples and family systems.
Since 2005, Natalie has been providing therapeutic interventions and parent education services to individuals, families, and groups. She has held a range of roles including intensive home based family counselor, outpatient therapist, home based parenting coach and has acted as a parenting class group facilitator. 
As a licensed Clinical Social Worker, Natalie is committed to providing a safe, empathetic, supportive and non-judgmental atmosphere while engaging her clients in the therapeutic process. She offers a personalized treatment approach, utilizing a variety of best-practice, evidence-based approaches. She will tailor a solution to fit your needs and drive your desired outcome.
Utilizing The Gottman Method, she works with couples to help reduce conflict, increase positive and effective communication as well as  strengthen the overall connection to one another. 
Natalie Works with couples and families in all stages of their relationship. Her practice areas consist of:
•Pre Martial Counseling
•Marriage and Relationship Counseling 
•Family Counseling
•Marriage Closure Therapy
•Parental Coaching
•Divorce Recovery Coach
•Collaborative Divorce Mental Health Professional
Positive/ Effective Communication
Conflict resolution 
Friendship and trust
In-law concerns
Infidelity/affair repair
Parenting philosophy differences
Family Therapy Concerns:
Parenting concerns
Blended family issues
Adoption/foster care concerns
Behavior and or emotional management.
•Master in Social Work, Wayne State University
•Bachelor in Science, Counseling Psychology, Rochester University
•Graduate Certificate in family and couples from Wayne State University
•Certified Divorce Recovery Coach
•Dr. Bavolek- Nurturing Parenting Skills Facilitator Training
•St John Providence- 3 part Grief and Loss Training
•Behavioral Tech- Level 3 Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Training
•Impact Coaching Academy, Divorce Recovery Coach
•Gottman Method Couples Therapy – Level 1 & 2
•Gottman Treating Affairs and Trauma
Given the specialized nature of her training and services, Natalie does NOT accept insurance, but a Superbill can be provided. Check with your insurance company to see if you can submit a Superbill for reimbursement.
60 minute Initial Intake Assessment for Premartial Counseling or Couples therapy: $180 (Includes Relationship Checkup)
Ongoing Couples and Family Counseling Session: 50 min – $150.00  90 min – $175

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